What You Might Not Know About Salon Trends in America

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What You Might Not Know About Salon Trends in America

A trip to one of the Illusion Unlimited hair salons in Cleveland is something you probably look forward. Well, whether you go to our Parma hair salon, our Broadview Heights location or our salon in Strongsville, you are not alone. Apparently, everyone looks forward to it, including the guys. 

A recent report on salon trends in America by Mindbody reveals some surprising news about consumer tendencies on beauty and grooming routines – or lack thereof. The study asked questions of 20,000-plus people from cities across the country who shared their goals, habits and preferences when it comes time to sit in the chair.

What’s Trending at the Salon?

“Everyone loves a salon trip – what you book might change depending on where you live,” the report says. “It’s not just about haircuts – women and men also love facials, manis/pedis, and hair removal services. From lash extensions to full-body skin treatments, there’s something for everyone to try next.”

Among the key findings in the study are: 

  • Going to the salon is good for you! “People who regularly get beauty and grooming services score higher on their social and emotional wellness,” Mindbody reports., “The more people take care of themselves, the more connected they feel to their family, friends, and community,” according to the report. “They feel happier, too. Embrace your wellness with a trip to the salon.”
  • Where you live may impact your salon habits. The study found that 84 percent of respondents in Colorado Springs, Colo., get at least one haircut per year, while 49 percent in Memphis, Tenn., do the same. Further, hair-color services are in high demand in Tulsa, Okla., while hair-styling and blow-drying services are in high demand in Louisville, Ken. 
  • The guys are catching on. According to the report, women prefer mani-pedis (71 percent), haircuts (70 percent), hair color (55 percent) and hair styling/blow drying (53 percent). Men, as you would expect, put haircuts at the top of the list (67 percent), but get this – a significant number say they prefer getting mani-pedis (21 percent) and hair styling/blow drying service (18 percent).

Whatever your personal preference – a cut and color, wave wrap, smoothing treatment, facial waxing or nail care – there’s a good chance you can find it at the Illusion Unlimited hair salons in Cleveland or our nail salon in Strongsville.  

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