Why I.U.S?

It’s About Who You Are & How You See Yourself

“It’s not about what you look like; it’s about how you feel about what you look like,” At our salons, you’ll receive a balanced hair design personalized in a special way—just for you.”

When it comes to choosing your hairstyle, what you like and don’t like about yourself should be the determining factor if you want to look and feel your best, says Illusion Unlimited Salons owner Dennis Millard.  “You are unique to everyone else on the planet in every sense of the word,” Dennis encourages. “Not only are you unique in a physical sense, but how you feel about yourself makes you even more original.”


We feel so strongly about the idea that every human being is unique that we worked the concept into our salons’ core business model, which features a one-of-a-kind design consultation.  “The In-Balance Design Consultation has been the key to our popularity.


You’ll receive our trademarked consultation designed to bring balance to your appearance in three essential ways. Our hair designers create a hairstyle that:

1. Makes your head appear to fit your body in a way that balances your silhouette.

2. Makes your hair appear to balance your facial features.

3. Encompasses the “Total You.” (How you feel about your appearance—what you like and don’t like about yourself—is the determining factor regarding your hairstyle and even the clothes you wear.)

Team “Illusions” Gets It Done

The mix of talent and creativity at Illusion Unlimited Salons is extraordinary! From our certified hair colorists to our certified educators, professionalism and dedication defines the I.U.S. Staff.

We’ve Been in the Beauty Industry for 54 Years

We know what today’s salon client is looking for. An inspired, motivated salon staff. A great haircut. Excellent hair color. Healthy, manageable hair. Personalized salon services.  A competent, friendly guest care staff. Clean, modern environments.

Special Lighting Assures Exceptional Hair Color

We bathe the salons with ‘day-light’ lighting, not only because it’s better for you, but because of how it dramatically improves the end result with our hair color services. We never take you outside to see what your new haircolor really looks like. We’ve brought that natural light inside and it gives some amazing results.

We Use the Latest Hair Color Consultation Tools

Hair Color Charts with removable hair color swatches display every hair color shade available. See any shade up close and personal, next to your actual natural hair color to truly see if it’s for you.color services. We never take you outside to see what your new haircolor really looks like. We’ve brought that natural light inside and it gives some amazing results.

Color Formulas are Digitally Weighed for Accuracy

Rather than use traditional liquid measurements which can vary, we weigh our hair color with an accuracy to within 1/10 of a gram for consistent, professional hair color results.ght that natural light inside and it gives some amazing results.

Specialty Styling for All Occasions

Modern Special Occasion Styling is an art unto itself. Simple and elegant, soft and sophisticated, perfect in every way. We even consider your outfit’s texture and neckline in our design recommendations. We’re renowned through out North Eastern Ohio for our Specialty Styling.

Personalized Appointment Reminder System

Never miss another appointment. You’ll be called by our personalized message service two days prior to your appointment to remind you of your salon service time and day! Every time, without exception.

On-going Service & Product Savings Specials

Seasonal themed Salon Service Promotions are on-going. Our savvy purchasing with hair care products allows us to pass savings directly to you.

Accurate & Secure Record Keeping and Hair Color Formulas

State of the Art computer systems by Harms Software keeps your records safe and secure. Your formulas and salon history are available to our floor staff on a need to know basis.