Our Hair Stylists Say Cheers to Wine Cork Hacks

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Our Hair Stylists Say Cheers to Wine Cork Hacks

It has been SO nice seeing familiar faces returning to our Cleveland hair salons as more and more folks get vaccinated! Whether you visit our Strongsville salon, our Broadview Heights location or our hair salon in Parma, we want you to know that our team of outstanding hair stylists and colorists has been keeping up with the latest looks and styles and keeping their scissors sharp!

We missed you! And we’re grateful that you managed to stay safe and at least relatively sane during the many months that Covid-19 kept us apart. 

If you are at all like us, part of your Covid-coping routine might have included the occasional glass of wine. And that means that you may now find yourself with an impressive collection of wine corks. We’re not sure why we held onto them, either, but now we can put those corks to good use!

Wine Cork Hacks

The creative folks at HGTV came up with some clever ways to repurpose wine corks. 

They can show you how to make place cards and coasters from those leftover corks. Here are three more of our favorites:

  • No matter how far into the drawer you dig, sometimes you just can’t find a clip to put on your bag of potato chips (kudos for not eating the entire bag and needing a clip in the first place!). Never fear! If you have an extra wine cork, all you have to do is slice about halfway through it vertically, as HGTV says. The cork will now slip right over the folded end of the potato chip bag and keep them fresh for you.
  • Are your dining room chairs scratching up your lovely hardwood floors every time someone pulls a chair out to sit down? There’s no need to run to the store for those felt pads that never seem to stay put. HGTV’s experts advise you to: “Slice a wine cork horizontally to create 1/4-inch-thick round sections. Then, use adhesive dots to attach them to the bottoms of your chair and table legs.”
  • How many times have you gone digging through your jewelry box looking for the mate to a stud earring? Believe it or not, wine corks make excellent earring holders! 


If you have come up with some creative uses for your wine corks, please let us know the next time you visit us at one of our three salons in Cleveland, Ohio:

Parma, Ohio Hair Salon
5715 Broadview Rd.
Parma, Ohio 44134
Tel: 216-242-1870

Broadview Hts. Hair Salon
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Broadview Hts., Ohio 44147
Tel: 440-423-5687

Strongsville, Ohio Hair Salon and Nail Salon
13500 Pearl Rd., Suite 127
Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Tel: 440-345-8467

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