Stunning Hair Colors for Fall

Colors for Fall

Stunning Hair Colors for Fall

Stunning Hair Colors for Fall

When Fall comes, it brings about a feeling of change in the air. Don’t let your pumpkin latte be the only thing with a little bit of spice! It’s time to spice up your hair color. Illusion Unlimited Salon is the perfect salon for you if you’re feeling like spicing things up this Fall. Changing your hair color every season is sure to help you feel like a new person. When there is a chill in the air, it’s always a good idea to slip back into darker hair tones. To give your hair that playful vibe, try adding in some bright undertones. Here are 4 stunning hair colors that we think are perfect for you this Fall:

  • Milk Chocolate Brown

  • Take it back to the basics with a classic and creamy milk chocolate color. For something more wild, try adding in lowlights of dark chocolate brown for hair that is stunning in all dimensions.

  • Vibrant Burgundy

  • Really get in touch with your Autumn side. Vibrant burgundy will look stunning in the contrast of all the vibrant fall colors.

  • Dusty Rose Gold

  • Try a unique dusty rose gold color to harness the inspiration of change during the Autumn months. Try pairing this dusty rose gold color with lowlights of a deep burgundy for hair that glows.

  • Champagne Red

  • Get in touch with your vintage side and try a classic champagne red. Fall is all about the oranges, reds, and yellows. A champagne red color will transcend through this season of luminescent colors and changes.

These stunning colors are sure to have you turning heads all through the Autumn months. Our color formulas are digitally weighed for accuracy. Instead of just using the traditional liquid measurements like most salons, we weigh our hair color for outstanding results. Liquid measurements can vary, which is why we weigh with accuracy to within 1/10 of a gram to ensure consistent, professional hair color results. Our professional stylists really know how to work a masterpiece on your hair. That’s why we provide such precise and accurate color formulas. We want the best for our clients.
If you are in the Ohio area, please stop by one of our locations. We are located in Strongsville, Parma, and Broadview Heights. Call today and get ready to experience a truly unique salon journey with Illusion Unlimited Salon.

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