One more reason to love the Surface products used at our Cleveland hair salons

One more reason to love the Surface products used at our Cleveland hair salons - hair salons in Cleveland

One more reason to love the Surface products used at our Cleveland hair salons

If you’ve sat in the chair at any of the Illusion Unlimited hair salons in Cleveland, Ohio, you are probably familiar with Surface, the fabulous brand of high-performance, salon-exclusive hair care. We love Surface not only because of the amazing results we achieve when using the products but also because the company has a deep and abiding respect for personal health and for the earth.

Surface products tap into the power of sustainably harvested ingredients and certified-organic botanicals. In fact, the name Surface reflects the company’s passion and commitment to developing superior, all-natural products that respect the surface of our earth and a strong surface of success from which salons and their guests can grow.

We believe that our association with the Surface family is one of the reasons that Illusion Unlimited consistently rates among the best hair salons in Cleveland.  We are proud to be able to offer Surface’s fabulous hair solutions to everyone who trusts Illusion’s hair design approach.

And, at the end of the day, when the last customer has left our Strongsville hair salon, when they’re sweeping up in our hair salon in Parma, Ohio, and turning out the lights in our Broadview Heights salon, we all feel good about working with people who are so committed to the environment that they provide natural, organic ingredients for their products and packaging AND give back to the world community by donating 10% of profits to help sponsor children through World Vision.

World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization. They partner with children and families in their communities to help children reach their full potential. The good people at World Vision aren’t afraid to take on the seemingly insurmountable causes of poverty and injustice.

World Vision has also targeted violence against children, which tragically more than half of the world’s children experience in some form every year.  The organization seeks to protect children and promote their well-being by ensuring that the communities they serve and the faith leaders there are actively working to identify and support children in need; advocating for children’s rights; and providing for immediate needs, such as emergency shelter and essential care.

Here are some of the ways we provide child protection around the world.

In Mongolia, World Vision Mongolia is working with the National Authority for Children and the country’s major mobile carrier, Mobicom, to set up a 24/7 national hotline to report abuse of children. In addition, a national advertising campaign publicizes the phone number, especially to children.

In Uganda, World Vision’s Amber Alert-style program has created a profound coalition, including law enforcement, local government, child-protection committees, traditional healers and leaders of all faiths. When a child is abducted, communities are ready. Villagers are taught to intervene, and, if that doesn’t work, to sound the alarm. Seventy-three villages are equipped with drums and megaphones. Motorcycles block off exit routes, and people lay logs across pathways to stop the abductors. Faith leaders and traditional healers have also created radio programs that air messages about child sacrifice, good parenting, and taking care of one’s neighbors.

In India, where poverty, a lack of educational resources and poor gender relations, among other things, make children particularly vulnerable, World Vision is fighting against child marriage and child sex-trafficking.

So, yes, we are honored to be associated with the Surface family.

And by the way, the beauty world seems to love the Surface hair care products you’ll find in all of our Cleveland hair salons.

  • InStyle magazine called Surface Curls Regime “the crème de la crème in curl-care.”
  • Elle told readers they could, “Grow hair longer, stronger, faster with Surface Awaken™ scalp and hair regime.”
  • Modern Salon magazine lauded Surface’s Purify Deep Cleansing Shampoo.
  • Malibu Chronicle recommended Surface Swirl Sea Salt Spray “For Beach Babe waves and wind blown volume.”
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