Here’s How to Look Exceptional This Holiday Season!


Here’s How to Look Exceptional This Holiday Season!

Here’s How to Look Exceptional This Holiday Season!

There are a few simple steps you can take to look great this entire Holiday season. With just a little planning, you can breeze through the Holidays in ‘fine-fashion”!


The key here is the plan. NOW is the time to sit down with your calendar and get your plan in place so you have one less thing to think about as the shopping and the inclement weather get into full swing!


The first thing to do is plan your next TWO hair appointments and get them on the appointment books. That’s right, the next two haircut (and color) appointments, as that will get you through to the new year. Remember, we recommend booking a reconditioning treatment with your cut and color, as the drier winter environment will have it’s effect on your hair. It’s also time to adjust your shampoo and home conditioning routine. As the seasons change, so should your hair care products.


When your hair lacks moisture it doesn’t bend and flow, which takes extra time and effort in your morning styling routine. Achieving volume, curl and style takes much more work. This added stress and heat simply makes your hair’s problems worse, not to mention being frustrated with your styling results and unhappy with how you look all day. Get your hair reconditioned in the salon. It’s kind of like flossing, you’ve just got to do it for the best results in the long run. Book your next two salon appointments.


Next, it’s party planning time! Yes!


Most of us have a work related Holiday Get-Together, whether it’s our own or our spouse’s or both! Mark your calendar!

Next up, mark your family and friend’s Holiday gatherings, and finally, your New Year’s Eve plans! Call the salon and book your Holiday styles for the events where you want to look your absolute best!


Our designers know the perfect party style begins with your outfit. That’s right, the clothes you will be wearing should be a major influence in your Party Style! It’s all about balance! When wearing smooth, silky clothing, your hair should flow as easily as the flow of the silky fabric. When your outfit is textured, smooth silky hair won’t work, however curls and styled texture will bring your look in balance.


Let’s not stop there! We’ll want to know about your clothing neckline. A high neckline visually closes up your appearance and needs to be counter balanced with an open forehead area. Wearing fringe (bangs) with a high neckline is tricky to get right, so leave it to the pros! Fringe is usually balanced nicely though with a lower neckline.


Styling hair is an art unto itself. Professional hair designers spend their time thinking about hair and hair styles all day every day, while you go about what you do in your life. They are real experts. How many times have you had your hair styled and said, “Wow, I never thought I could look this good!”.


There is your complete Holiday Style Plan. Get your next two hair cut, color and reconditioning appointments on the appointment books. Your important gatherings are made simpler when you let the pros style you to make you look like “the belle of the ball”!


You’ll make a great impression on everyone when you look your best, feel confident and relaxed that you’ve got your plan in place! Oh, one last thing, you’ll love the compliments!


Make your plan today! Then don’t delay, call today and get the most convenient times for your personal Holiday schedule!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Illusion Unlimited Salons!

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