3 Tips to Look Great for Your Next Zoom Presentation

Hair Salons of Cleveland, 3 Tips to Look Great for Your Next Zoom Presentation

3 Tips to Look Great for Your Next Zoom Presentation

All the tricks and tips that helped you make a great first impression or ace a presentation in the past probably aren’t doing much for you in the middle of a pandemic. Never fear! As always, your friends at Illusion Unlimited Hair Salons of Cleveland have you covered.   

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, let’s make it clear: Zoom conferences, online classes and virtual events are not going away anytime soon – and possibly ever. These are not placeholders until your real-life resumes. This is your real life now. And you need to show up for it. 

That means, whether you have a job interview, a policy presentation or a neighborhood association meeting on your calendar, you should plan on bringing your A game. And we would like to help you do just that.

Are you ready for your closeup?  

It’s time for your star to shine on screen. Of course, we’re talking about the screen on your computer or mobile device, not the silver screen. (But who knows? Anything is possible!)

By this time, you have probably been on enough Zoom calls or sat in on enough Google Meets gatherings to know that some people seem to come across better than others. Well, that is no accident. 

  1. First of all, you really need to give the sweats a rest. Go into your closet and find one of the outfits that always made you feel invincible and put it on. Yes, the shoes, too. They might not be able to see them, but they will help get you in the right frame of mind. 
  2. Position your computer properly. You want the camera to be at eye level, so you’ll need to prop it up on something. And make sure your light source is in front of you, illuminating your face. If the light is behind you, your face will be in shadow. Position yourself so your face will be in the middle of the screen and your shoulders are in the frame; your eyes about two-thirds of the way up. 
  3. It’s natural to look at the image of whoever you are talking to, but where you should really be looking is at the camera. If you look at that little black dot the people you are talking to will feel like you really are looking at them and making eye contact. 

And if freshening up your color or getting a new cut will help you feel like the star you are, all of the Illusion Unlimited locations – including our hair salon in Parma, our Broadview Heights salon and our Strongsville hair salon – are here for you, with safety policies in place to keep you and our stylists safe and healthy. 

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