Style Yourself Happy in 2021

Style Yourself Happy in 2021

Personal happiness comes from within – that is a fact. But knowing that you look good on the outside certainly doesn’t hurt. A big part of looking good starts at the top – namely your hair – and we just happen to know of a few hair salons in Cleveland, Ohio that can help you be your best.

Feeling good about the way you look can add to your happiness. You know what we’re talking about, right? That feeling you get when you know you are looking good – the confidence you feel, the way you can’t stop smiling. Yeah, you know.


But how do you know what steps to take to look your best and unlock that magic? 

“Trying to find your personal style can be a difficult affair and often a big challenge,” according to the lifestyle magazine Social. “When you haven’t spent your life keeping up with the latest fashion trends you might struggle.” 

We have you covered, though. Whether you visit our hair salon in Parma, Ohio, our Broadview Heights location or our salon in Strongsville, you will find a team of talented hair stylists who make it their business to keep up – not only with the latest fashion trends but also with the latest advances in hair care. 

And, perhaps even more importantly, we know it’s not just about what looks are in style, but what styles are best for you. 


Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?

Hair color plays a major role in your personal style. And it’s not just about your hair. Hair color has a big impact on wardrobe. Those with red hair look good in greens, purples and other forest tones. For darker-hair types, blues and reds pop. Blondes also look good in blues and reds but can wear sparkly neutrals, too.

“Be bold and trust yourself to make amazing fashion choices,” the Social story continues. “For example, a bodycon bodysuit with a skinny pair of ripped jeans and heels is a stunning look and one you can use to dress up even the most mundane of days. Consider every day an opportunity to experiment with fashion and have fun while you do it.”

And, if you’re not sure what color or style looks best on you, contact us for information about a design consultation at one of our Cleveland, Ohio, hair salons, including our salon in Parma and our Strongsville hair salon.

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