Hairstylists Respond to Covid-19 with Creativity

Strongsville salon - Hairstylists Respond to Covid-19 with Creativity

Hairstylists Respond to Covid-19 with Creativity

If you have visited our Strongsville salon, our Parma hair salon or our Broadview Heights location, you know that hairstylists are amazing. And as the pandemic stretches on, we are proud to say that, once again, hairstylists, like those you will find at our hair salons in Cleveland, Ohio, are demonstrating their creativity.

It’s been months since we were first told to wear mask to help stop the spread of Covid-19. And it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing away with those masks anytime soon. Why not try to make the best of it? Seriously, are you going to let a little face mask stop you from being fabulous? (The proper response is: Heck, no!”

Getting Comfortable with Face Masks

Olivia Smalley, a stylist down in South Florida who is known on Instagram as @omgartistry, has come up with a stylish way to make wearing a mask all day long more comfortable. In fact, her hack is so clever, so cute and so affordable, it caught the attention of Allure magazine.

When her ears were becoming irritated from wearing a mask for hours, she experimented with different ways to protect herself.  Now she never leaves the house without stylish barrettes (that she gets from Target!) securely holding her hair AND the straps of her mask. 

Draw the Eye Up

Brenda Dusseaux of Zolton’s Salon and Day Spa in Arizona talked to an interviewer with Your Life Arizona about how to style your hair while wearing a face mask. Dusseaux likes to wear her hair back when she’s wearing a face mask. With half of your face covered by the mask, she says, “What are we going to emphasize? Our hair!” 

She also cautions against getting your hair tangled in your mask straps – whether they are tie strings or elastic. Smoothing and slicking your hair back will help with that. “Having a fun top bun, a high ponytail, a high braid – anything that has some interest coming down the face or away from the face works really well,” she says. 

“Maybe avoid bangs, avoid too much coming on to the cheeks, open up the face – maybe do a little more with your eye makeup.” She acknowledges that’s it might seem frivolous to be focusing on things like that given the current circumstances, but she says, “It will make you feel a lot better.” 

If you would like to see more of the creativity that hairstylists are capable of, contact Illusion Unlimited!

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