Illusion Unlimited Salons’ Summer Hair Tips!


Illusion Unlimited Salons’ Summer Hair Tips!

Illusion Unlimited Salons’ Summer Hair Tips!

Keratin Treatment Weather Is Upon Us.

There are a lot of women (and men) who struggle with frizzy hair this time of year. If you are one of them, you know how much you dread the humid weather. Rather than stress yourself with a time consuming morning routine and stress your hair with flat irons and tension, Keratin Complex smoothing treatments solve those problems in one application. That’s right, one application. And your hair will become more and more manageable with each treatment.


The formaldehyde free, natural Keratin Complex smoothing treatment will turn your hair into frizz free, smoother, shinier, healthier hair. Your hair will require less blow dry time, in fact you’ll spend up to one half LESS time blow drying. Less time blow drying means healthier hair.


Pony Tails

Pony Tails are always perfect for summer! Modern Pony Tail styles are as versatile as they are functional. A side part, with a sleek and simple Pony Tail makes you suddenly ready for anything! Up high towards your crown or slung low at your nape, your options are as limited as your imagination. Create a Pony Tail with little fringe and soft curls and you’re ready for a romantic night out.


Braids Are Always Cool

Braids are a cool, classy alternative to the pony-tail. As with the ‘Pony Tail’, the braid is worn in various ways, from a tight sophisticated sleekness to loose, simple and soft. There are now many variations to the three-strand braid. You can have them done in the salon or you can learn on the Internet. Braids are a summer ‘must’, they’re cool and most definitely chic!


You’ll look great, especially when vigorous summer activities are on your agenda, because braids stay where you put them. At one time, only women with long hair would or could wear braids. Now they can be worn by almost everyone. Braided bangs (called ‘fringe’ these days) and side braids are great for those with shorter hair who want a fun change in their style.


Time To Give A Little Back

The sun, chlorine and daily styling can take a disastrous toll on your hair. Your hair, robbed of moisture and elasticity, can look and feel like ‘doll hair’. Bring your hair back to life with the amazing Bassu Masque Treatment from Surface Hair. The Bassu Masque Treatment helps restore the essential elements missing from your hair.


Life for your dry hair, sun and environmental protection to keep your hair healthy and more style control, the Bassu Masque Treatment is your ‘hair-repair’ solution.


Illusion Unlimited Salons’ hair designers are this areas hair care experts. From expert styles to haircare solutions, you can trust the experts at I.U.S. Book your appointment for their famous and free In-Balance Design Consultation and find out all your hair design options.




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