Hair Care and Fashion Tips From the Creative Minds at Illusion Unlimited Salons

Illusion Unlimited Salons

Hair Care and Fashion Tips From the Creative Minds at Illusion Unlimited Salons

Hair Care and Fashion Tips From the Creative Minds at Illusion Unlimited Salons

Fashion Tip: “Don’t ‘Fear The Shear’! Change is the essence of youth! Aren’t you a little tired of ‘just a trim’? Perhaps today is the day to re-invent yourself… at Illusion Unlimited Salons! A fresh new look equals a fresh new you! Why not? See you in the salon!

Hair Care Tip: Think of your hair as a natural fiber that can come in many different textures. (Denim, cotton, silk…) Now imagine the styling products you use are like a fabric softener (smoothing your hair) or starch (adding body). Voila! Hair care made easy at Illusion Unlimited Salons!

Hair Care Tip: It’s important to have your hair cut every 4-6 weeks. Like a piece of twine, your hair’s ends spit, unravel and break off; making your hair seem like it won’t grow. Scheduling haircuts in advance (and keeping your appointments!) is the surest way of keeping your hair in optimal shape. In the end, this saves you time and energy while you look your very best!

Hair Care Tip: Air-drying your curly hair? Rather than letting your hair fall to gravity, support it with jaw clamps. Apply product to damp hair, scrunch fist fulls of hair and clip with a clamp. Put 3 or 4 throughout your hair and this will support the curl and act like scrunching without the work. You’ll get a curlier, fuller result.

Hair Care Tip: To build volume, especially in the crown area, apply product to the scalp area to towel dried hair. Blow dry lifting hair up and away from your head preferably against the way it parts to add extra lift!

Fashion Tip: A satin pillow case’s smooth surface allows your hair to slide as you move in your sleep, resulting in less “bed head” hair. Many salon clients who don’t completely restyle their hair every day swear by them, saving time and stress (both on their hair and nerves!) as they touch up their hair for the day. Give one a try!

Fashion Tip: Your hair is really a “fashion accessory” in your “total look”. You would never consider wearing the same shoes with every outfit, yet most people wear their hair the same no matter what they’re wearing. If your garment is smooth, wear your hair in a smoother style. With more texture in your clothing, wear more texture in your hair. Balance the textures. Balance is the key to beauty and life.

Fashion Tip: When choosing clothing, realize that horizontal lines make an object appear wider, and verticle lines make an object appear taller. Also, darker colors make an object look smaller, and light colors make an object look larger! Choose wisely!

Hair Care Tip: If using conditioner on your hair daily is “too much”, rather than applying it to ALL your hair, apply it just to your ends which are usually more damaged from combing, brushing & heat styling with a blow dryer and/or flat iron. “Targeted Conditioning” will keep your hair supple and healthy looking, allowing for easy styling.

Hair Care Tip: Prior to round brush styling your hair, blow dry your hair 80-90% dry before using the round brush. Round brushing wet hair not only over-stresses & damages your hair, it is more work (way!) than necessary! And why not make your morning routine a little easier!

Hair Care Tip: As the seasons change, so should your haircare and skincare products. We need products that moisturize in the winter & products that normalize in the warmer temps! Ask your designer what you should be using as we move into a new season!

Hair Care Tip: Be gentle when towel drying your hair. “Frantic” towel drying will cause your hair to become dull, dry looking and the detangling process can break your hair. Terrycloth will absorb moisture by simply coming in contact with moisture. So be kind to your hair…

Hair Care Tip: Avoid broken hair at the hairline by combing your hair FORWARD when detangling after washing and conditioning. The hair along the perimeter of our hairline is typically a little finer and prone to breakage when overstressed.

Hair Care Tip: Use a brush on dry hair before washing your hair. Use a large tooth comb on wet hair after washing.

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