Choosing The Right Salon For You

Choosing The Right Salon For You

Choosing The Right Salon For You

Choosing a salon and then a hair designer isn’t easy. How do you do it? All salons have the same elements; a front desk, shampoo bowls, stylists, shears and combs and the support personnel.

The first question to ask is, “What separates one salon from another?”

In a word; education.

The top salons just happen to be ‘tops’ in education. A salon that is centered on education will deliver far more to you than a salon focused on sales. Surprisingly, learning the latest haircut isn’t near enough. Here are the most important elements:

The Guest Care Staff – The front desk experience should be a five star event. How you are received and cared for can make or break your experience. They cannot be an afterthought.

The Consultation – It’s the very essence of the salon industry. A great consultation’s where all great hair designs begin.

The Hair Design – An understanding of today’s styles is essential to be able to create a version for just you.

The Product Knowledge – Half of what makes a great hair style great are the products that are used to cleanse & style.

The proper products in the proper amounts make a big difference in solving your hair care issues.

Self-Management – Drive and consistency is the key in a creative field. You want energy and excellence on each and every visit.

Education is what separate great salons and average salons. There’s a lot riding on your decision when seeking a salon with great hair as your goal. So when searching the Internet or picking up the phone and calling around, ask about the salon’s educational program. A salon that is ‘education driven’ will attract great stylists. Not just one good stylist.




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