What is the “In-Balance” Design Consultation ™?

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What is the “In-Balance” Design Consultation ™?

What is the “In-Balance” Design Consultation™?

The In-Balance Design Consultation is the key to the popularity of Illusion Unlimited Hair Salons. It’s what sets us apart – and what will make you look and feel your best.

The In-Balance Design Consultation is based on a simple principle: there is only you.

You are an original. No one else looks quite like you. No one else smiles just like you do. The things that make you smile are part of who you are. The way you move, the way you think and the way you feel are all part of what makes you unique.

It really is much more than physical. Any stylist can give you advice based on the shape of your face. But how many other Broadview salons will ask you if you like the shape of your face and factor that information into your new look?

When it comes to choosing your hair style, the things you like and don’t like about yourself are determining factors. If you don’t like your jawline, you won’t want a cut that draws attention to it. If you like your forehead, you won’t want to cover it with bangs. We might have a client who loves her curves and another who hates them. Because of the way they each see themselves, they will have different options with their hair designs.

At Illusion Unlimited, you’ll receive a personalized style and balanced hair design that suits all of you – inside and out.

Illusion Unlimited Salons has been the home of the “In-Balance” Design Consultation’ ™ for over forty years, and it’s been the key to our popularity. Our clients simply look great and feel better about themselves, and it gets them noticed!

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