5 Simple Steps For Fabulous Hair Care

5 Simple Steps For Fabulous Hair Care

5 Simple Steps For Fabulous Hair Care

5 Simple Steps For Fabulous Hair Care

To most people, their hair is a mystery that grows from their head. Some days it’s good, some days it’s bad and other days it’s just plain ugly. How do you solve the mystery and gain control of your crowning glory?

The answer is far simpler and less complicated than you may think. In fact, every person of age has it ingrained in their set of common sense rules.

And the big secret is…. wait for it… you wouldn’t wash your sweater in hot water. Wait, what?

That’s correct! The same rules that apply when you’re caring for a delicate garment apply when caring for your hair.

Here are the 5 Simple Steps For Fabulous Hair:

Use a mild temperature when washing your hair, finishing with a quick cooler rinse (for added shine). Your sweater could never handle a hot water washing. Delicate fibers like your hair, are also easily damaged by high water temperatures.

Use a gentle solution (shampoo) designed for the fiber you’re cleansing (your hair type). You would never use a harsh detergent on your sweater.

Be gentle with your wet hair. You’d never wring out your delicate sweater, you’d destroy it. Hair is weakest when it’s wet and overstretching it can cause breakage and limp damaged hair. Instead of a brush, use a broad tooth comb to remove tangles, starting from the ends and working your way to your scalp. (Use a brush before washing, a wide tooth comb after washing)

Always use a thermal protector and avoid using extreme heat as your hair begins to dry. You wouldn’t dream of throwing your sweater in a hot dryer. It’s the same with your hair.

Using a flat iron requires a thermal protector and a careful technique. You wouldn’t use a clothes iron set on cotton to iron your delicate sweater. A delicate fiber just can’t handle much exposure to extreme temperatures.

These 5 simple rules make a real difference in how your hair handles, how long your styles last and how consistent your hair is day to day. Use a mild temperature, use a mild solution (shampoo), don’t over stretch wet hair, don’t use extreme heat to dry and don’t use extreme heat to iron. They’re a simple set of rules. Simply follow these rules for great hair!


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